What Kind of Knives Do Restaurants Use?

For restaurants, a knife is the most essential tool in the kitchen. It is a powerful tool in cooking dishes. However, a lot of us do not know the different kinds of knives. This makes things inefficient for them especially if they are using the wrong kind of knife.
Most importantly, restaurants need to have a complete set of those. It will allow chefs to perform more efficiently on their tasks. Do not worry because we will discuss more of that in this article. You’ll learn what kind of knives do restaurants use. This is perfect if you want to have your own restaurant business in the future. Even though there might be more than a hundred different kinds, we will discuss the 12 most important among them.

The Basic Knives

This is a must to have in every kitchen. They make the job easier as they are the best tools that are designed for cooking.

Utility Knife

When it comes to the number of uses, the utility knife is on the top of the list. It can be used on other things as well aside from cooking. However, in the kitchen, it is only applicable to use on smaller foods. The size of this knife is usually 4 to 7 inches. The small size is perfect for more précised usage of the knife. On top of that, you must always remember that this knife is only made for smaller objects. This is why you must never attempt to use it on larger ingredients as it can cause injuries or discomfort.

Santoku Knife

It was designed for various tasks. It is mostly the same as the chef’s knife. It is huge and can be used for different types of tasks. The design is pretty different compared to the usual knives that we are using. It is much tinier and slimmer and the weight is super light as well. The Japanese term “Santoku” can be defined as “three virtues” which describes its ability to slice, dice, and mince. This makes it a multi-purpose knife. It is stylish and at the same time, the efficiency is very high.

Chef Knife

This is considered the most essential kitchen knife. It has the following uses:
• Slicing
• Dicing
• Mincing
It is very useful and at the same time cost-friendly. You can just have this knife while you do not have the entire set yet.
The usual size is between 6 to 12 inches. This allows the knife to accommodate almost all sizes of hands. It is also very durable as it is commonly well-built. This makes chef knives the crowd favorite when it comes to kitchen tasks.

Kitchen Shears

Basic knives will not be complete without the kitchen shears. It is perfect for basic use such as slicing your pizza and bread. They are also very handy in cooking tasks such as slicing seafood, vegetables, and chicken.

Other Kinds of Knives

Knives will not be complete if you do not have the so-called “accessory knives” that make the job more hassle-free. So if you have the extra budget, you have to try your best to acquire these knives.


This knife is pretty heavy because of its usually huge size. This is used for meat chopping and for crushing vegetables. The sturdy-built that it has will surely be an asset as it will be able to accommodate hard objects as well which is a good thing. This heavy knife is somehow expensive but undoubtedly very useful.

Boning Knife

Separating the bone from the meat becomes easy with a boning knife. It provides a much safer way to finish that task.

This knife can be also used for slicing and peeling making it a multipurpose knife for your kitchen. The size of this knife varies from 3 to 8 inches and it comes in a variety of blades which adds up to its efficiency. Some choose stiff blades while others use semi-stiff blades, nevertheless, they are both made for boning.

Bread Knife

When it comes to knives, there is no doubt that the bread knife is one of the most popular. We use it mostly for our breakfast. So if you are a frequent consumer of bread then this knife is an essential tool for you to have.

Steak Knife

If you are a steak lover then you probably want to own a knife that will help you slice it with ease. Regarding that, steak knives are the answer to that problem. It is not also applicable for steaks but on other kinds of meats as well.

This kind of knife is either serrated or not. Usually, you can find this knife as a set and very desirable to look at. When it comes to a steak knife, you can try using the Japanese steak knives, they will surely pierce through the steak without damaging the inner surface of it.

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Paring Knife

The primary use of a paring knife is for peeling. You can peel different fruits and vegetables using this. The knife is usually lightweight and small in size for better control. You can see a lot of variations of paring knives. The most common that you will find is the one with birds’ beak tip and sheep’s foot shape.

Fillet Knife

Filleting meat becomes very easy with this knife. Although this is often mistaken by many as a boning knife, you can easily see the difference if you are keen on details. Fillet knives have a thinner blade compared to boning knives. Some knife manufacturers just combine the two as they just serve almost similar uses.

Nakiri Bocho

Even though this kind is not the best Japanese knife, it is still very useful. The thin blade that it has is perfect for cutting vegetables. This is mostly used for tube-shaped vegetables such as cucumbers to get a perfect cut.


Now you’ve learned what kind of knives do restaurant use, you’ll be able to distinguish what to include in your bucket list. Once you have those knives, it will make your job easier, safer, and more efficient. You can use it not only for business but for personal use as well. Since these knives serve a specific use, you’ll be able to use them on every cooking task that you do. Just be sure that you use the right knife to avoid injuries and discomfort while performing your tasks.

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