How Long Can Wine be Stored Upright?

As we all know wines are the best drink for parties or casual occasions. Also, it gives our bodies a lot of great benefits that you should not miss. However, some individuals take it to the next level by collecting wines and some sell it at a higher price through flipping.

Having said so, you must be aware of how long can wine be stored upright. This will let you maintain the freshness of your wine. Let us accept the fact that if a wine is not properly stored it will lose its flavor and desirability.

So it is safe to say that having a deep knowledge of how you will store them properly. It is known that once you store your wine, the liquid must always be on the cork’s side. This will add up more shelf-life to your wine.

But there is a recent study that there is still a specific timeframe even if you store it upright. This is because wines are pretty sensitive compared to their counterparts. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, wines are more acidic meaning it has higher chances of spoiling. This is because when you will examine it more, its usual ingredient which is grapes spoil faster compared to other types of ingredients used in making alcoholic drinks. So you do not want any kind of mishandling to happen especially if the wine that you will store is too expensive.

Why you should store your wine upright?

How Long Can Wine be Stored Upright?

While many people are letting their wines upright for extended storage, the reasons also vary. Some do it because of an easier way to store it. However, the main reason is it prevents the buildup of sediment beneath the bottle. Those sediments can make your stomach ill the moment you drink the wine. Well, it is a good indicator though that the wine is already spoiled that is why you should never drink it.

As long as the cork is moist, there will be a firm containment of the liquid inside. This is because the cork will not dry out and shrink. You do not want your wine to get filled with air inside and the culprit is a very minimal gap on the cork due to dryness.

As a result, the value of wine decreases over time. You do not want it to happen especially if you already invested a lot of money in them. You can determine if a wine has already undergone oxidation is when the color and taste changed. The worst-case scenario that might happen is your wine changing its form into vinegar. Believe it or not, spoiled wines are sourer than vinegar, and even just by sniffing on it, you’ll already get acid attacks in case you are an acidic person.

Right now, wine keepers are more aware of the anatomy of wine. They now know that the previous belief regarding wine storage is untrue. This is because of the continuous trials by testing the different corks and seals. Also, the various orientations when storing wine were tested individually.

However, in their study, it was found that the orientation during storage has a very minimal effect on the quality of the wine. The surprising thing is those were the ones that are stored upright for 5 years. It only means that the orientation is critical when it comes to retaining the freshness of wines.

Cork and Wine

The ability of the cork to provide moisture on the inside of the wine is advantageous. This is the reason why wine storage has their bottles stored upright to retain the quality of their wines. Once the cork has contact with the wine even its outside surface will not dry out since cork is very absorbent to liquids. However, recent studies have found that this can cause the cork to shrink because of the acid levels that wine has.

It is proven though that upright storing of the wine provides humidity on the cork. This will allow the cork to retain its original condition. So it would be great if the manufacturers will integrate a sturdier type of cork. This will make it more enduring even to extreme exposures to acids which is pretty obvious as wines do have high pH levels.

On the other hand, a recent study suggests that barrel cellars are only required if you have really plenty of wines to keep. This is because the cork can moist itself continuously without any intervention. This is because of its actual texture which indicates that molecules are not tremendously compressed on it.

So, it debunks the actual belief that it is great to soak the cork on the wine all the time. Well, it is evident as soaked cork for extended periods will always breakdown which will result in the particles of the cork mixing on onto the wine which is a gross scenario for sure.

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How long can a wine last actually?

So when the wines are stored upright, a new study suggests that you can store them as long as you want them. This is completely contrary to the 5 years estimate of the lifespan of the wines that are properly put on storage.

It is proof that upward storage of the wine always works. The moisture of the cork is not always the determinant of the shelf life of the wine. So for people who do not believe that the positioning of the wine bottle is crucial for extending the life of the wine, you have now the basis.


Wines are always great to drink as long as it is still on its perfect shape. You never want to get ill on your stomach drinking spoiled wines. So it is great if you can consider having it stored properly in case you have no plans in drinking it yet. After the bottle is opened, you should store it in a wine cooler to extend its shelf life up to a week. And you should also choose thermoelectric wine coolers instead of compressor, they work quietly and do not change the chemical structure of the wines. This will help you retain its freshness which is detrimental to your enjoyment while drinking it. You just need the proper knowledge and at the same time initiative to take good care of it while it is in its storage.

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