How Long to Cook Burgers on an Electric Grill?

There is no denying that many people, especially children, love hamburgers. So, it’s no surprise that they’re a perfect choice for outdoor family barbecues or intimate gatherings of friends. 

Yet, you can’t always light the barbecue grill outside to get them cooked. That’s why you need an electric grill. So, how long to cook burgers on an electric grill? 

On average, it only takes you about 4 mins on each side for a medium-done patty. Of course, cooking times can vary, depending on many factors.

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How Long to Cook Burgers on an Electric Grill?

In general, the cooking time depends mainly on the thickness of your burger.

If your food is a reasonable standard thickness, you only need to cook it for 4 to 5 mins on each side. However, if your hamburger is thicker, especially for handmade ones, the cooking time may take a little longer.

It is essential to regularly check your food to ensure it is not overcooked during the cooking process. Before serving, recheck it to see if it’s cooked. You should use a meat thermometer to check if your food reaches the correct temperature.

On the other hand, you don’t need to cook as long for thinner hamburgers. About 3 minutes on each side is enough to reach perfect doneness. 

But, as mentioned above, you must check your food is fully cooked before eating. 

It is possible to cook frozen burgers on the grill. But you will have to carefully check the instructions from the manufacturer printed on the packaging as some are not suitable for cooking by this method.

In general, cooking frozen burgers is the same as cooking a fresh one. However, the overall cooking time will increase slightly. 

On average, you will need about 20 to 25 minutes of cooking to get frozen food done. You should flip them every five minutes, so they cook evenly.

You should not rely solely on cooking time to determine its doneness.

What Temp Should Hamburgers Be?

The center of the burger should be at least 160 degrees F.

Your burgers need to be cooked to the correct temperature. Undercooked food can contain harmful bacteria, which cause many health-related risks.

Ideally, the temperature in its center should be at least 160 degrees F. You should use a meat thermometer for this step.

If you don’t have this tool, you can check out your food by making a small incision in the middle of the burger. If the burgers are cooked properly, you won’t see any red visible.

Many people prefer a “bloody” hamburger, but we do not recommend it. 

There is nothing to guarantee your health when enjoying an unusual hamburger. In particular, never give a rare one to children or someone with a weakened immune system.

How to Keep Burger From Shrinking?

Shrinkage is typical in cooking. It is the result of fat loss during cooking. As a result, we recommend not crushing your hamburger with a spoon while cooking.

You should create a small hollow in its middle with your thumb or finger.

Conversely, if you want to lose weight, you will want to crush your burger more to get rid of as much fat as possible.

What Is the Average Temperature of an Electric Griddle?

Electric grill.

It depends entirely on the grill you own. So, it is best to consult the owner’s manual to capture this information. As long as your model is heated to at least 350 Fahrenheit, you can use it for cooking hamburgers.

How to Cook a Hamburger With an Electric Grill?

How to cook burgers.

If you want to cook burgers on the indoor grill, this guide is for you. 

Here is how it works:

Necessary Things

  • Ground meat such as turkey,  beef, or bison (1 pound)
  • Olive or canola oil (three tablespoons)
  • Sea salt (0,25  or 0,5 teaspoon)
  • Cheese (2 to 4 slices)
  • Burger buns
  • Spinach, avocado, red onion, tomato, pesto sauce 

What Kind of Knives Do Restaurants Use?

For restaurants, a knife is the most essential tool in the kitchen. It is a powerful tool in cooking dishes. However, a lot of us do not know the different kinds of knives. This makes things inefficient for them especially if they are using the wrong kind of knife.
Most importantly, restaurants need to have a complete set of those. It will allow chefs to perform more efficiently on their tasks. Do not worry because we will discuss more of that in this article. You’ll learn what kind of knives do restaurants use. This is perfect if you want to have your own restaurant business in the future. Even though there might be more than a hundred different kinds, we will discuss the 12 most important among them.

The Basic Knives

This is a must to have in every kitchen. They make the job easier as they are the best tools that are designed for cooking.

Utility Knife

When it comes to the number of uses, the utility knife is on the top of the list. It can be used on other things as well aside from cooking. However, in the kitchen, it is only applicable to use on smaller foods. The size of this knife is usually 4 to 7 inches. The small size is perfect for more précised usage of the knife. On top of that, you must always remember that this knife is only made for smaller objects. This is why you must never attempt to use it on larger ingredients as it can cause injuries or discomfort.

Santoku Knife

It was designed for various tasks. It is mostly the same as the chef’s knife. It is huge and can be used for different types of tasks. The design is pretty different compared to the usual knives that we are using. It is much tinier and slimmer and the weight is super light as well. The Japanese term “Santoku” can be defined as “three virtues” which describes its ability to slice, dice, and mince. This makes it a multi-purpose knife. It is stylish and at the same time, the efficiency is very high.

Chef Knife

This is considered the most essential kitchen knife. It has the following uses:
• Slicing
• Dicing
• Mincing
It is very useful and at the same time cost-friendly. You can just have this knife while you do not have the entire set yet.
The usual size is between 6 to 12 inches. This allows the knife to accommodate almost all sizes of hands. It is also very durable as it is commonly well-built. This makes chef knives the crowd favorite when it comes to kitchen tasks.

Kitchen Shears

Basic knives will not be complete without the kitchen shears. It is perfect for basic use such as slicing your pizza and bread. They are also very handy in cooking tasks such as slicing seafood, vegetables, and chicken.

Other Kinds of Knives

Knives will not be complete if you do not have the so-called “accessory knives” that make the job more hassle-free. So if you have the extra budget, you have to try your best to acquire these knives.


This knife is pretty heavy because of its usually huge size. This is used for meat chopping and for crushing vegetables. The sturdy-built that it has will surely be an asset as it will be able to accommodate hard objects as well which is a good thing. This heavy knife is somehow expensive but undoubtedly very useful.

Boning Knife

Separating the bone from the meat becomes easy with a boning knife. It provides a much safer way to finish that task.

This knife can be also used for slicing and peeling making it a multipurpose knife for your kitchen. The size of this knife varies from 3 to 8 inches and it comes in a variety of blades which adds up to its efficiency. Some choose stiff blades while others use semi-stiff blades, nevertheless, they are both made for boning.

Bread Knife

When it comes to knives, there is no doubt that the bread knife is one of the most popular. We use it mostly for our breakfast. So if you are a frequent consumer of bread then this knife is an essential tool for you to have.

Steak Knife

If you are a steak lover then you probably want to own a knife that will help you slice it with ease. Regarding that, steak knives are the answer to that problem. It is not also applicable for steaks but on other kinds of meats as well.

This kind of knife is either serrated or not. Usually, you can find this knife as a set and very desirable to look at. When it comes to a steak knife, you can try using the Japanese steak knives, they will surely pierce through the steak without damaging the inner surface of it.

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Paring Knife

The primary use of a paring knife is for peeling. You can peel different fruits and vegetables using this. The knife is usually lightweight and small in size for better control. You can see a lot of variations of paring knives. The most common that you will find is the one with birds’ beak tip and sheep’s foot shape.


How Long Can Wine be Stored Upright?

As we all know wines are the best drink for parties or casual occasions. Also, it gives our bodies a lot of great benefits that you should not miss. However, some individuals take it to the next level by collecting wines and some sell it at a higher price through flipping.

Having said so, you must be aware of how long can wine be stored upright. This will let you maintain the freshness of your wine. Let us accept the fact that if a wine is not properly stored it will lose its flavor and desirability.

So it is safe to say that having a deep knowledge of how you will store them properly. It is known that once you store your wine, the liquid must always be on the cork’s side. This will add up more shelf-life to your wine.

But there is a recent study that there is still a specific timeframe even if you store it upright. This is because wines are pretty sensitive compared to their counterparts. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, wines are more acidic meaning it has higher chances of spoiling. This is because when you will examine it more, its usual ingredient which is grapes spoil faster compared to other types of ingredients used in making alcoholic drinks. So you do not want any kind of mishandling to happen especially if the wine that you will store is too expensive.

Why you should store your wine upright?

How Long Can Wine be Stored Upright?

While many people are letting their wines upright for extended storage, the reasons also vary. Some do it because of an easier way to store it. However, the main reason is it prevents the buildup of sediment beneath the bottle. Those sediments can make your stomach ill the moment you drink the wine. Well, it is a good indicator though that the wine is already spoiled that is why you should never drink it.

As long as the cork is moist, there will be a firm containment of the liquid inside. This is because the cork will not dry out and shrink. You do not want your wine to get filled with air inside and the culprit is a very minimal gap on the cork due to dryness.

As a result, the value of wine decreases over time. You do not want it to happen especially if you already invested a lot of money in them. You can determine if a wine has already undergone oxidation is when the color and taste changed. The worst-case scenario that might happen is your wine changing its form into vinegar. Believe it or not, spoiled wines are sourer than vinegar, and even just by sniffing on it, you’ll already get acid attacks in case you are an acidic person.

Right now, wine keepers are more aware of the anatomy of wine. They now know that the previous belief regarding wine storage is untrue. This is because of the continuous trials by testing the different corks and seals. Also, the various orientations when storing wine were tested individually.

However, in their study, it was found that the orientation during storage has a very minimal effect on the quality of the wine. The surprising thing is those were the ones that are stored upright for 5 years. It only means that the orientation is critical when it comes to retaining the freshness of wines.

Cork and Wine

The ability of the cork to provide moisture on the inside of the wine is advantageous. This is the reason why wine storage has their bottles stored upright to retain the quality of their wines. Once the cork has contact with the wine even its outside surface will not dry out since cork is very absorbent to liquids. However, recent studies have found that this can cause the cork to shrink because of the acid levels that wine has.

It is proven though that upright storing of the wine provides humidity on the cork. This will allow the cork to retain its original condition. So it would be great if the manufacturers will integrate a sturdier type of cork. This will make it more enduring even to extreme exposures to acids which is pretty obvious as wines do have high pH levels.

On the other hand, a recent study suggests that barrel cellars are only required if you have really plenty of wines to keep. This is because the cork can moist itself continuously without any intervention. This is because of its actual texture which indicates that molecules are not tremendously compressed on it.

So, it debunks the actual belief that it is great to soak the cork on the wine all the time. Well, it is evident as soaked cork for extended periods will always breakdown which will result in the particles of the cork mixing on onto the wine which is a gross scenario for sure.

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How long can a wine last actually?

So when the wines are stored upright, a new study suggests that you can store them as long as you want them. This is completely contrary to the 5 years estimate of the lifespan of the wines that are properly put on storage.

It is proof that upward storage of the wine always works. The moisture of the cork is not always the determinant of the shelf life of the wine. So for people who do not believe that the positioning of the wine bottle is crucial for extending the life of the wine, you have now the basis.


Wines are always great to drink as long as it is still on its perfect shape. You never want to get ill on your stomach drinking spoiled wines. So it is great if you can consider having it stored properly in case you have no plans in drinking it yet. After the bottle is opened, you should store it in a wine cooler to extend its shelf life up to a week. And you should also choose thermoelectric wine coolers instead of compressor, they work quietly and do not change the chemical structure of the wines. This will help you retain its freshness which is detrimental to your enjoyment while drinking it. You just need the proper knowledge and at the same time initiative to take good care of it while it is in its storage.

How to Cook Pizza on a Pellet Grill?

Believe it or not, you can create restaurant-like pies with the help of pellet grills. If you want to taste pizzas of that quality then having a pellet grill is the best choice.

This type of grill will make things easier for you to reach that goal. It is versatile and reliable. But it is always important that you are using the right brand and model.

Some might be better than the other brands and it always goes that way. Moreover, the big question is how to cook pizza on a pellet grill?

This question can be easily answered. We have compiled the best guide to help you cook pizza efficiently on a pellet grill.

Let us not delay the excitement anymore as we start to unfold the steps.

Get a hold of a pizza stone

This is a very useful tool that can make your cooking experience more efficient. It is the best way to hold heat longer and evenly resulting in well-cooked pizzas.

As a result, the pizza will have a crispy crust texture. This will make your taste buds go crazy.

The moisture will surely go out to even out the texture of the dough. This makes the pizza more desirable to eat.

It’s time now to use the pellet grill and pizza stone

Utilize the grill and stone. Be sure that the temperature is between the range of 480 and 500 degrees.

The pizza stone must be at the midpoint of the grill. It will make you cook the pizza much faster as well.

Along with that, you should prepare the other ingredients as well. This will quicken up the process of cooking,

Ready the parchment paper

There is no doubt that parchment paper is really important for baking. Believe it or not, you’ll still need it once you choose a pellet grill to cook your pizzas.

Get a parchment paper that suits your pizza’s size. Cut it accordingly to fit your dough. Roll out the dough afterward on the parchment paper.

You can now put the toppings as well as the sauce for its flavor. Repeat the process on the next parchment paper.

It also allows you to easily transfer the pizza from one place to another when needed.

Start cooking

After you have done the previous steps then it is now time to start cooking. Put the pizza on the grill and stone with the parchment paper at the bottom of it.

Set the temperature to 425 degrees to ensure that the pizza is properly cooked. Change the position off the pizza and take off the parchment paper below after 5 minutes.

The latter minutes that the pizza is there will be for direct cooking. After less than 10 minutes you can now take the pizza out and consume it.

Removing it from the grill

To remove it safely from the grill, you’ll need to slowly lift it using a kitchen spatula. But before that, you can put more toppings into it such as more cheese or asparagus if you want to.

The left heat is just right to melt the cheese or other additional toppings that you want to put on it.

The Positive Side of Cooking your Pizza on a Pellet Grill

After we have tackled how awesome pellet grills are and how to cook a pizza using them, it’s now time to check on its benefits.

You can do a lot of things on a pellet grill. To give you an idea, here are the following functionalities that it can do.

  • Grilling
  • Roasting
  • Smoking
  • Making barbecues
  • Baking

By using a pellet grill it will seem that you are a chef. You can put on different flavors using the various options that it has.

You can also utilize the preset timer. This will let you have the freedom to do other things even while you are making your pizza.

Reminders When Using Pellet Grills for Making Pizzas

Pellet Grills for Making Pizzas

Here are some useful reminders that you can use to make delicious pizzas on pellet grills. You can surely make use of these controls once you have already become familiar with your pellet grill.

Be sure that you get high-quality meat

There is nothing more exciting than to eat pizza that has lots of meat on it. This will give the pizza a lot of content that is filling our stomachs. Be sure not to skip on the following meats:

  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Ham

You can just modify it to your preference on what suits your taste. You can experiment with various toppings to ensure that you’ll satisfy your taste buds.

Fill it with nutritious ingredients

Aside from the meat, you should consider adding veggies and fruits as well. This will make your pizza more delicious and nutritious.

You can consider adding the following:

  • Black olives
  • Basil
  • Mushrooms
  • Peppers
  • Pineapple

Some vegans would love to eliminate the meat on their pizzas which is understood.

Be creative

If you are tired of the usual round-shaped pizza, why not try to alter its shape? You can make it square which will give you some variations.

So it is great if you will be able to have something different to make things more exciting.


We have proven that pellet grills are the best in making pizzas. You should try it out if you want to make your own pizza out of your creativity. The crisp and evenly-cooked dough will be the ones that you’ll expect from it.

There are lots of pellet grills in the market right now. They differ in terms of features. The better the quality and features, the more expensive it will be. But we only recommend choosing the best pellet grills under $500. You just need to consider what you want on a pellet grill and your purpose for buying it. If you will just use it for making pizzas then you can go for the standard size or even the entry-level ones.

Centrifugal Vs Masticating Juicers – Why masticating juicers are better?

There is no doubt that juicers are getting popular these days. This is because they make juice extraction easier than usual. They are different types of juicers and two of the most popular are the centrifugal and the masticating juicers. In this article, we will try to unlock which is better on this centrifugal vs masticating juicers article.

Centrifugal Juicers

From the name itself, centrifugal juicers use inertia’s effect in juicing out vegetables and fruits. The ingredients that will intrude the extractor of the juicer which is located in the center will be juiced out.

Usually, they are the ones that are more available in the local stores in our area. This is because a lot of manufacturers are making this type of juicer.

They have particular advantages over their masticating juicer counterparts. Let us enumerate them below.


  • They are so durable. They can manage to juice out very hard fruits and vegetables without having a hard time.
  • Centrifugal juicers are fast. Despite their simpler components, they can perform their functions quicker than other juicers. Its centrifugal force makes its juicing function super efficient and fast.
  • They have lower prices. This is because they do not contain too many components. They are built in a simpler prototype that minimizes the parts needed to build one.
  • Easy to Use and Clean. Many people who want to start juicing fruits and veggies would be advised to buy a centrifugal juicer, but why? This is because it has a large feeder and noncomplex interface that will allow you to understand its use quickly. It is also easy to detach meaning you can clean it without any hassles.


  • It creates too much noise. There is no big deal about this anymore because it is expected. The power of the centrifugal force is the one responsible for it since it has too much force to accommodate even hard ingredients.
  • Juices created from centrifugal juicers must be consumed immediately. This is because this type of juicer produces more oxidation which allows the freshness to fade quicker than normal.
  • Lower yields and output. Since centrifugal juicers exert a lot of force, it increases the occurrence of foam in its output. As a result, lesser juice is extracted which compromises the amount of juice that you will get.

Masticating Juicers

This type of juicer utilizes augers to crush the raw ingredients when it passes through its tunnel. Afterward, it uses a squeezing motion to produce the juice. There is another tunnel wherein the extracted juice will pass leading to a secluded container.

Masticating juicers are more modern and have more complexities compared to the centrifugal juicers. People who want a more advanced type of juicer often resort to buying masticating juicers.

Let us not try to determine its pros and cons in bulleted points below.


  • Quiet operation. If you are the particular type of person that does not want noisy appliances then masticating juicers are the best for you. Its motor is more refined which results in an uninterrupted night sleep even if you use it in the evening while other people inside your home are sleeping already.
  • Good for hardy ingredients. You do not have to worry about putting super solid fruits and vegetables inside a masticating juicer because it has a solid churner that can squeeze them out easily.
  • Hassle-free to clean. You do not have to worry about cleaning masticating juicers. They are so easy to disassemble making you clean it without any difficulties at all. As a result, you can use a juicer that is hygienic and safe to use.
  • Can produce more juice. This is because there is less oxidation on the way a masticating juice processes the ingredients. As a result, it will produce less foamy and more yield juices.
  • Can preserve juices much longer. The less moisture will allow the juices to last longer than usual. As a result, you can refrigerate the juice for up to 3 days without spoiling.
  • Amazing design. As you will notice, most masticating juicers have a more modern design which is perfect if you want to add up some wow factor to your kitchen.


  • A little bit slow in extracting juices. This is acceptable because masticating juicers avoid oxidation from happening by slowly juicing out your fruits and vegetables. If you are in a rush, this could be an issue.
  • The feeder tube is tiny. You will need to slice the raw ingredients individually for it to fit inside.
  • This is expected because they are the modern type juicers. As a result, the materials used in making them are more complex which is costlier.

What to choose?

Regarding this question, it is pretty subjective. This is because we all have different preferences for whatever we are doing. For people who want to have a more classic feel of juicing then centrifugal juicers are the ones to choose. They are the best for beginners because they are simpler to use. Well, both of them will create juicers that you would want to enhance your health. You just need to balance out what you need because they have different features and advantages although their purpose still stays the same.

If you want a lesser food waste then go with masticating juicers but be ready as it will consume more time in juicing. On the other hand, a centrifugal juicer is perfect if you are always in a rush because you can put the raw ingredients much quicker compared to its counterpart.


Now you know the comparison of centrifugal vs masticating juicers, you now have the idea of which fits for your needs. Well, they have their edge over another and it just depends on your preference of what to choose. The most important thing is both of them are functional in making juices that will surely benefit your health.

In order to ensure that you will get the most out of it, always consider the factors that we have discussed above. With that, you will never go wrong once you buy a juicer that is appropriate for your needs.

Top 5 Best Masticating Juicers Reviews

Masticating juicers are more efficient when it comes to extracting juices from fruits and veggies. It uses an auger to crush the raw ingredients. The chute acts as a tunnel where the ingredients pass. They make use of pressing action to juice out healthy fruits and veggies. In this article, we discuss the best masticating juicers in the market right now.

Top 5 Best Masticating Juicers on the Market

1. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

With the best features and high-quality materials, Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer is the best choice for you. It is considered as one of the best masticating juicers because of its ability to bring out mouthwatering and healthy juices. It has a rose gold color that is extraordinary and will please your eyes.

Key Features + Pros:

  • The slow squeeze technology will ensure that more juice will be extracted from the ingredients. As a result, you’ll get finer juices that are considered super healthy.
  • It rotates just right to guarantee that no pulp will be left out. This is because the motor has the maximum capacity of 43 RPM which is perfect for any kind of fruits, veggies, etc.
  • Since it is made of the finest materials available, expect that it will not deteriorate easily.
  • It can accommodate various raw ingredients aside from fruits and vegetables. Some examples of it are nuts and beans.
  • The price is affordable as well and will surely fit the budget of everyone.
  • The motor does not emit that much noise.
  • It has a 10-year warranty that comes along with the deal.
  • The 100% BPA-free materials that are used in this product are considered safe for human health.


  • You need a converter if you want to use it abroad for countries that use 220 voltages.

2. Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

Omega has never failed to impress us when it comes to their juicers. Just like this particular masticating juicer that is made by them. It is catered to provide us with healthy juices in the easiest way possible. The fantastic design combined with great features is the advantage of this juicer. You can have delicious and healthy juices without having to do the manual process any more with added style.

Key Features + Pros:

  • The 15-year warranty period that the manufacturer gives will protect you in case you find some issues with the product.
  • Its 2 HP motor that can produce 80 RPM is quiet yet very powerful. This is why it can provide an efficient way of extracting juices to its full potential.
  • The style is extravagant. It will add up a lot of wow factor to your kitchen.
  • The feeder is wide enough for you to put the raw ingredients easier than usual.
  • It does not consume that much electricity.
  • Cleaning is easy because it does not have any hard to reach areas. The parts can also be detached without any hassles.


  • It vibrates a lot while in use but it does not affect its performance.

3. Omega Nutrition Center Juicer, 200-Watt

Healthy juices are essential in promoting better overall health. This is why masticating juicers are there to help you with that. They have a higher yield which extracts more juices. Just like this masticating juicer from Omega. It is created to ensure that you’ll have a healthier body. The attractive design will also keep you motivated to do more juices which is a good thing.

Key Features + Pros:

  • It is made of high-quality materials that promise extreme durability.
  • This juicer does not have any complex mechanisms making it super easy to use.
  • It will not deteriorate quickly because it is made of high-quality materials.
  • You can clean it easily because the components are detachable.
  • Its 200-watt motor is efficient and can produce 80 RPM which is just perfect for a slow juicer.
  • It does not that bulky that is why it is perfect for homes with limited spaces.


  • The spare parts seem to be very expensive.

4. Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

The magnetic twin gears will ensure that you will get the most juice from your fruits and veggies. It can perform efficiently and the most hygienic way possible. The right speed and timing are truly awesome giving you the best juicing experience. It also has an outstanding design and components that go along with each other.

Key Features + Pros:

  • The 110 RPM motor will maximize the overall efficiency of the tool to produce more juice.
  • It is easy to operate because it is so user-friendly.
  • The stainless-steel material that it is made of will allow the juicer to last for a long time. As we all know, stainless steel does not rust at all.
  • There are homogenizing accessories that are included in the package.
  • It has a 15-year warranty that will protect you as a buyer in case you found some issues with the product.
  • The reverse function will prevent any possible occurrences of jamming.


  • It is a little bit difficult to clean.

5. Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Machine

Juicing has become extremely popular these days because people are becoming health conscious. About that, Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Machine will be a perfect suit. It has modern features and reliability that you will love. It can create healthy juices for you and your family in the most comfortable way. This is why it is considered as one of the best masticating juicers in the market right now.

Key Features + Pros:

  • The motor does not consume too much electricity because it is only rated at 150 watts. At the same time, the low power consumption does not compromise its performance making it a desirable juicer for everyone.
  • Its 2-speed option will give you the ability to adjust the speed (RPM) of the juicer to suit your needs.
  • The warranty that it has will keep you safe in case you found some defects on the item.
  • The juicer is sturdy enough to withstand daily use as it will not deteriorate easily.
  • It is super quiet while in use that is why you’ll not have to worry anymore of disturbing the people in your house at night while you are using it.
  • You can clean and use it easily because it does not have any complex parts that you should worry of.

Criteria for a Good Masticating Juicer

There are several criteria that the best masticating juicers have. You should be aware of them at all times before buying your masticating juicer.

  • The juicer must be quiet. You never want to use a masticating juicer that is too noisy. Quiet juicers will allow you to use it with confidence even in the evening when everyone is sleeping.
  • Price is within your budget. You do not want to buy an overpriced juicer because it might hurt your budget. So only buy the ones that you think that you can afford and will not compromise your basic needs.
  • Wide feeder. Consider buying a masticating juicer that has a wide feeder. This is because it will make things easier for you if you put the raw ingredients inside the juicer.
  • Highly-durable. The juicer must be made of high-quality materials. This is because it will give you the privilege of using the juicer much longer as you can use it extensively.
  • Reliable motor. Always ensure that the motor has the right power and timing to ensure that it will extract the juices from fruits and vegetables well.
  • Know if that particular masticating juicer has a warranty included in the deal. By doing so, you will be protected in case there are issues with the item.
  • User-friendly. You do not want to have a juicer that will take too much of your time figuring out how will it function.
  • Good features. We must consider that the masticating juicer that we are targeting to buy has the latest features. This will give you a better experience in creating healthy juices for you and your family.
  • Extra accessories. Although this is optional only, it is great if the juicer that you will buy has freebies such as accessories. It will help you get the most out of your money-making it the best deal for you.
  • Easy to clean. Since we will be making juices that we will consume, it must be hygienic at all times. One step of reaching this goal is by giving you the privilege to clean the juicer easily and quickly.


Now you know the most significant masticating juicers in the market right now. Let us give you our top pick on the list. We chose the Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer because it has a complete package. It has great features, reliable motor, and affordable prices that you should not miss.

You can surely make healthy juices without any hassles using this product. Try it now and see for yourself the wondrous benefits that it can give.